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Drill of Bahasa Indonesia UN SD 2011 Pack 5

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with more than 17,000 islands. It's also primarily dominated by Muslims and is # 4 in the world in terms of population. In 2006, there are already over 200 million people living in Indonesia. The country is sharing land borders with other Asian countries like Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor. Indonesia is a mixture of both old and new. And with a lot of islands to choose from, besides touring, you can count sailing in Indonesia as one of the most popular pastimes.
A vacation in Bali will never be complete if you don't try swimming, canoeing, or even diving in any of the 10 best dive spots in the area. Good choices will include USAT Liberty. It's basically a U.S. cargo steamship filled with ammunition by the time it was torpedoed in 1942 by the Japanese. You can then continue to Amed, which is located on the eastern coastline. It's composed of a lot of fishing villages, such as Gili Selang and Lipah. The island is valued for the privacy it gives to visitors.

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Another interesting place to visit is the Maumere in Flores Island. It's already a very popular tourist destination, so there are now plenty of tours that you can choose from. You can also charter a yacht from Bali and then sail through the Maumere. Formerly a volcanic island, Flores has attractive places to offer to foreigners. You can try shopping at their local market, dine in Wuring (a small fishing village), or experience traditional Indonesian culture at Sikka. Sailing in Indonesia may also mean exploring Irian Jaya. This is the largest Indonesian province, with a span of more than 450,000 square kilometers. Besides the beach, you can make a stop and follow several hiking trails leading to Puncak Jayawijaya, a very large mountain range that is 5,500 meters above sea level. You can also camp at other mountains such as Gunung Yamin and Gunung Trikora. There are also plenty of lakes where you can go fishing or canoeing, the largest of which is Panai.
Most people go to Indonesia for food, clothing, and a sense of culture. They may have forgotten that it's also blessed with an impressive ecosystem, made up of seas, lakes, mountains, and animal creatures. Sailing in Indonesia will allow you to take a glimpse of its natural resources.


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