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Drill of Bahasa Indonesia UN SD 2011 Pack 3

If you are looking for a holiday destination that will treat you to tropical sights and splendors, the culture of a foreign land, adrenaline pumping adventure sports, exquisite cuisine, the best of landscapes and waterscapes and a rejuvenating experience, look no further beyond the wonderful archipelago of Indonesia!

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Indonesia has everything one could expect from a tropical holiday. Its islands are world famous for their spectacular beaches. Indonesian beaches bide their time offering fun filled water sports like para-sailing and speed boating, snorkeling, deep sea diving and sun bathing. Indonesian tattoo artists are one of the finest in the Asian continent. The golden orange sunset disappearing into swirls of blue and pink are not to be missed!
Budget hotels in Indonesia are many and easy to find. These hotels offer the best deals for economic and smart holidays. Indonesia has such a vast and beautiful landscape, you will be guaranteed a spectacular view anywhere you choose to stay. Knock yourself out among the world's best beaches and bluest mountain tops.
Absorb a Natural Charm
Indonesia offers a unique wildlife expedition for its tourists. With rainforests that cover over 50% of Indonesia's terrain, these groups of islands are inhabited by rare, one of a kind species like the babirussa, the anoa and the musang. You can choose to observe these wonderful creatures on wildlife treks, deep sea diving or in the numerous national parks established here.
Indonesia is a potpourri of eastern cultures, a history influenced by three major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. One cannot miss visiting places of historical interest and religious significance like the Borobudur temple in central Java, Taman Ayum temple in Bali and the ancient sultanate palaces at Pekanbaru. These sights give a most splendid insight into the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia.
Indonesian cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Medan apart from being centers of cultural and natural tourism are fast developing into places of urban interest. The malls in Indonesia have turned it into a shopper's paradise. Indonesia is also a popular international centre to experience music of both Asian and Western genres. With bright neon lights, exotic entertainers and scintillating strains of music, the nightclubs here offer the most ingenious ways to party the night away.


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