Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drill of Bahasa Indonesia UN SD 2011 Pack 1

When it comes to decide a destination for spending holidays, people want some to visit a place that is adventurous and calm. Surely, the world is full of such places but the place that tops the list is Indonesia. One of the biggest attractions is scuba diving in Indonesia. If you visit the country, then trying out this water sport is essential. The country gives house to around 135,000 islands and most of them can be considered best for enjoying water sports.

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While enjoying scuba diving in Indonesia, you can also get to see explicit natural beauty. Other attraction that lures visitors towards the country is its heritage. The temples located in Yogyakarta reflect the rich heritage of Indonesia and they should be visited surely. A place called Lombok is present in country that has beautiful beaches. In addition, you can look looming volcano on the land of Lombok. One can rightly say that each island of Indonesia has something to offer to its visitors.
Surely, when one is going for scuba diving in Indonesia, getting information about climate of the country is essential. The country has a tropical climate and not much difference is seen in the climate throughout the year. During the months from June to September, the weather is dry and thus you can enjoy scuba diving without worrying about rainstorms. On contrary, the months from December to March receive heavy rainfall and thus the time of the year is not suitable for scuba diving. One should always plan the trip keeping in mind the climate and weather conditions of the place.


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