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Soal Bahasa Indonesia Snmptn 2008

A total of 308,000 participants of the National Selection Entrance State University (SNMPTN) failed selection. Therefore, 57 state universities (PTN), which encompass new students through SNMPTN only provide 82,000 seats, while the participants SNMPTN reach 390,000 people.

Results of selection was announced Friday (1 / 8) early days through the internet. SNMPTN participants can see first hand the announcement on the site SNMPTN: or at public universities, such as snmptn.ui. edu,,

State University of Jakarta (UNJ) received 732 new students from 15,000 applicants UNJ people. "Participants SNMPTN who escaped immediately re-list at the specified time beyond the deadline for re-registration can be canceled receipts, except with strong reasons," said Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Zainal Rafli UNJ, Thursday (31 / 7).

It is said, both new S-1 students who pass through SNMPTN regular or Joint Entrance Examination (UMB) no difference in academic UNJ. In fact, tuition was pegged together. For example, every new student at UNJ every semester tuition fee charged Rp 400,000, and cost nonakademik paid only once at the beginning of the college $ 1.5 million.

Some time ago, the Director General of Higher Education (Director General of Higher Education) Education Ministry Fasli Jalal said, SNMPTN the first time held the Directorate General of Higher Education were surprising because public interest is very high for the following selection.

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In fact, had previously been held by the five new student selection by the Association of State Universities Admissions Selection. In fact, enthusiasts SNMPTN it spread to the corners of the province in Indonesia. University of Indonesia, received 20 percent or 900 of the new students of all new students through the SNMPTN.

Directorate General of Higher SNMPTN held it also spreads the scholarship form. Than 16,000 scholarships provided form, only 5,000 people who return the form. Scholarships provided by the government amounted to USD 10 billion in this SNMPTN to pay tuition for two semesters. Number of students receiving scholarships as many as 2,000 students who qualify SNMPTN, especially college students can not afford but potentially.


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