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There are numerous first-class luxury hotels in Indonesia, especially in the touristy destinations like Bali, Jakarta, and many other islands, coastlines, and cities. A lot of the luxurious hotels are equipped with a awe inspiring background of lush green lungs and hills, the gleaming sea, or an outstanding urban skyline.

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Nestled amongst the hills of central Java is the Amanjiwo resort, a truly serene getaway from the city, displaying an amazing blend of dramatic, traditional architecture and pure class. Nearby the hotel is the world's largest Buddhist sanctuary, Borobudor, and the Tidar Hill.
All of the hotel's 36 suites are large, agreeable and stunningly done up. Amongst the hotel's many facilities is a range of Javanese and traditional relaxation and beauty treatments, a swimming pool, galleries, dining, and more.
The Oberoi, Lombok
The Oberoi, Lombok offers the relaxing, quiet escape away from the busy city life on the untouched, lush Lombok island. Set against the amazing backdrop of palm trees and ocean views, this hotel is a theme of traditional Indonesian luxury and modern class.
With 50 stylishly decorated rooms, this quiet palatial hotel boasts first rate facilities, like a luscious spa, a well-equipped fitness studio, a mirror pool, meeting facilities, as well as several indulgent restaurants.
The Dharmawangsa
The magnificent hotel is only minutes from the capital city's Central Business District, but has a tranquil, palatial experience.
The hotel gives off a incredible, sophisticated interior, with a tinge of rich Indonesian influence, possessing 100 palatial rooms. The hotel's facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness centre, meeting and banquet facilities and such.
Desa Seni
Set by the seaside of the popularly visited island of Bali is Desa Seni, a unique resort that resembles a traditional Balinese village. This luxury hotel is ancient with a mix of modern luxuries, exuding a typical Indonesian rural village feel.
The hotel also has dining, a novel saltwater pool, a spa, and many activities available.
Kemang Icon by Alila
The Kemang Icon by Alila is incredibly modern and sleek, situated in the vibrant district of Kemang, close to plenty of shops, galleries, restaurants and nightlife. Though there are only 12 rooms, this boutique hotel features excellence at its finest.
The luxury hotel features a yoga studio, five spa treatment rooms, a sleek rooftop pool, and a sophisticated restaurant serving Indonesian cuisine.
With the luxury hotels in Indonesia, you are presented with either a luxurious traditional Indonesian atmosphere, the utmost modern feel, or a wonderful mix of both. There is a wide selection of luxury hotels, from the rural, lush areas, to the sunny seaside, to the bustling city areas.


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