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Latihan Soal Bahasa Indonesia UN 2011 Pack 3 - IPA

Being bi-lingual or multi-lingual is a great advantage in whatever field one is involved. For a business executive, an ability to talk the languages of his foreign clients projects an impression that he is sensitive to them and that he has genuine appreciation for their diverse cultures. Consequently, this means a longer lasting and better revenue generating business. For a diplomat, it is considered as a measure of friendship between the country he represents and the foreign nation he is dealing with. In a world virtually connected by the internet's many social networking sites, it can be helpful in forging friendships with persons of different nationalities.

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While the benefits of being able to speak in another language can no longer be argued, the issue of how to learn it remains debatable especially if it is one that barely has a relation with English. Many African, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages fall under this category. Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia is one particular example of a language that may be very different from any other language outside its periphery, the small region of Southeast Asia. Indonesia is a big archipelagic country of almost 250 million people. It offers a vast field of investments, which is why many people are interested in learning their language.
Many Australians, Indonesia's English-speaking neighbors, have successfully acquired the language fast enough. They have admitted that the language is not at all difficult to learn. Whether they enrolled in formal language courses in their home country or visited Indonesia or whether they learned it from personal tutors or by self-education with the use of printed and audio books, they have acknowledged that the language is easy to acquire.
However, not everyone has the fortunate situation that Australians have. Not everyone is as close to Indonesia as the people of the land Down Under are. Hence, going to Indonesia just to learn the language is utterly impractical. Since the learning process cannot be unhindered much with an audio book played in portable device, it can be done more often without time and location constraints. The more often one spends listening and practicing it, the more rapid the language course is completed. It is only important that the learner give serious attention to the instruction given by the audio book. Soon enough, he can begin conversing with an Indonesian and put into constant practice the language he has learned.


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