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Soal UN Bahasa Jerman

German (Deutsch)is a West Germanic language, related to and classified alongside English and Dutch. Spoken by approximately 100 million native speakers, German is one of the world's major languages and the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. German is also spoken by the majority of the populations of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.
Other European German-speaking communities are found in Northern Italy (in the Province of Bolzano-Bozen and in some municipalities in other provinces), in the East Cantons of Belgium, in the French regions of Alsace and Lorraine, and in some border villages of the former South Jutland County (in German, Nordschleswig, in Danish, Sønderjylland) of Denmark.

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German Language Courses

If you are looking for German language courses, then read this article first. In the end, it does not matter how big and reputable a language school is - it matters what you get from it and how easy and fast it will make the process of language acquisition.
Many people think that they will get a good learning experience when they sign up for one of the major schools - the reasoning behind it is that if so many people sign up for their courses, there must be something to it.
And of course - these language schools do have well-designed coursework. But at the same time, learning by visiting an actual school building is actually a not so effective way of learning a language. A lot of time gets wasted just on going there and coming back a couple of times a week.
What's more - there often are discussions and clarifications when some student does not understand a certain topic. This is good for the particular individual, but it slows down the learning process of the entire class dramatically. Many times, clarifications will be given on things that you are clear about already - simply because someone else doesn't understand the subject properly.
In the time of the internet, nobody really needs to attend a language class anymore - it can all be done online. A lot faster, more efficient and also cheaper. With these kinds of German language courses, you can learn at your own pace. There often are also tutors who will help you to resolve individual questions and explain to you exactly what you want to know in a very fast manner. To conclude this article, I want to leave you with one of the most valuable pieces of advice that I have ever been given when it comes to learning German: always learn phrases, not vocabulary!
This is something that so many people get totally wrong, because it is taught that way in school. But you really do not need to learn single words - instead, you want to learn phrases, because phrases are the building blogs of spoken language. It is a much faster way of mastering a language, particularly a language like German where there are many complicated grammatical rules.


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