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Soal Bahasa Indonesia UN SMA 2008

Although the Indonesian language teaching taught from primary school to higher education, the competence of Indonesian students are not encouraging. Data results of national examinations (UN) three years show impairment of the Indonesian language. During this Indonesian student placed as a less favorite, after the subjects of other exact sciences and social sciences.

This condition is worsened, because the Indonesian language in some schools in the area, taught by teachers out of field of study of language families, among others from the fields of law, religion, sports, history, even math. Indonesian teacher issue not only in a matter of quantity, but more on quality.

Similarly, the red thread that raised in the panel last day of IX Congress of Indonesian, Friday (31/10) in Jakarta. The fact about learning the Indonesian language and Indonesian language teacher concern was expressed by Director General of Ministry of Education PMPTK Baedhowi, The Center for Educational Assessment, Research and Education Ministry Burhanuddin Tola, and Chairman of the Association of Programs / Courses Education Studies Indonesian Endry Boeriswati.

Baedhowi say, the effectiveness of the process of achieving quality education were highly correlated with the essence of the communication process that occurs, and this is closely connected with the ability to use the Indonesian language. All forms of the process of improving the quality of human resources through education that has been done and most use the Indonesian language. Thus, through the Indonesian happen absorption of knowledge.

"The use and development of Indonesian to be one aspect of nation building, even a number of experts have been using and taking into account the Indonesian language as an indicator to show the quality of Indonesian human," he said.

Yet, ironically, the ability of Indonesian students' mastery of high school is still low. Indonesian students' competence is still not good, because what happens is a decrease and not increase from the previous year. Data Puspendik Average Score National Examination Subject Indonesian Year 2006, 2007, and 2008 that cited Baedhowi disclose that fact.

Junior high level, the average value of Indonesian in 2006 was 7.46, in 2007 dropped to 7.39, and in 2008 fell 7.00. Language school average score, 2006, 2007, 2008 is 7.40, 7.08, 6.56. SMA IPA in 2006 the average value of 7.90, in 2007 the average 7.56, and in 2008 an average of 7.60. While the high school social studies average values Indonesian UN 7.26 (2006), 6.95 (2007), and 6.95 (2008).

Similar data are more complete, the last 15 years, also disclosed Burhanuddin Tola. This condition occurs because the primary purpose of assessment is often neglected, poorly understood by all parties. Which necessitated only score alone. In effect, the score obtained by students who have not been used optimally to support mastery learning.

Burhanuddin also revealed students' reading skills profile data 15 years the international level, in 2003. These data demonstrate the ability to read the 2003 junior high school students ranked 38th of 40 countries.

Not met

Less favorite Indonesian make low-interest student majored in Indonesian. Department of Indonesian language in a number of college students lack some even threatened to close.

In fact, according Endry Indonesian teacher needs is increasing from year to year, not only as a substitute teacher who retired formation but also fill the new formation. Needs have not been fulfilled, so that these formations there are filled by non-Indonesian teachers. "To pursue the quantity is not met, then what about the pursuit of quality?" he said.

Endry depicts that the Indonesian teacher needs not met by LPTKs. Mentioned, which has a number LPTK Indonesian education courses both public and private sector in Indonesia is approximately 250. If each program of study each year produces 50 teachers only, meaning there are 1,250 prospective teachers. It is not sufficient for a good field to change the formation or the addition of the formation. Therefore, it can be understood in case of infiltration of professionalism.

According Endry, Indonesian teacher position is a strategic position not only for the sake of education but also political interests. Indonesian teacher has a political mandate as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution, namely Indonesian is the national language of Indonesia.

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"Thus there must be not only the presence of Indonesian teacher only, but Indonesian teacher who is able to maintain the sustainability of Indonesian language as the language of the country and educate the Indonesian people able to speak Indonesian," he explained.

IX Congress of Indonesian, Friday (31/10) closed with a procession of operetta staging Indonesian Love by Eksotika Karmawibhangsa Indonesia, poetry readings by Inne Febriyanti, and a message by Ismet Fanany, Convenor Indonesian Studies, and professor of Deakin University, Australia. Also offering songs by Ebiet G Ade.


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