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Drill of Bahasa Indonesia UN SMP 2011 Pack 4

Although Indonesia is well known in South-East Asia, and neighboring Australia, few people really know much about Indonesia. Here are seven surprising facts about Indonesia.

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1. The Worlds Forth Largest Population
Indonesia officially has over 225 Million people, an estimated 10 percent of Indonesians live in, or around the nations capital, Jakarta. Indonesia is a young country.
2. A Nation of Islands
Indonesia officially has over 17,000 Islands, spread across 5000 kilometers of ocean. Many of these Islands are sparsely populated, with the majority of Indonesians living on the Island of Java, were the nations capital is located.
3. Political System
Indonesia is a modern democracy, with a parliament, and regional governments across its provinces, and islands. Since 1998, Indonesia has developed a political system of de-centralization, and democracy, primary based on the American-system- with an elected President, and Parliament, every five years.
4. Economy
Indonesia is still rich in natural resources, as the nations modernization based on the American model, was fuelled by its oil, natural gas, gold, precious stones, and forestry exports. This is changing, as Indonesia has become a net importer of oil, but still has a strong localized Industrial base, a regional tourism sector, and a stable maritime economy.
5. Languages
Although bahasa Indonesian is the official language, many people speak their "local" language at home, and use bahasa Indonesia for business. There are an estimated 2000 local languages used in Indonesia, spread across the islands that make up this unique Nation.
6. Volcanically Rich
Indonesia is located on the pacific rim of fire, with active Volcanoes dotted across the islands of Indonesia. 7. Religious Diversity
Indonesians are predominately Muslims, but also many Indonesians are Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, and in some remote areas animalists. Indonesia's constitution guarantees the freedom of religion, and protection of religious and ethnic rights. Stability and acceptance across religious communities, has helped create a reasonably tolerant, and open minded nation.
Indonesia is a land of a thousand contrasts, from its western looking cities like Jakarta, with strip-malls, suburbia, and modern Industry to quite remote back drops were life has not really changed for centuries.
It is not difficult to visit Indonesia, since many budget airlines fly to differing Cities and Islands. Modern passenger speed boats regulary run to the RIau Islands, and Sumatra via Singapore, and Malaysia. Making it much easier and more affordable to visit the unique Islands of Indonesia.


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