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According to the Gregorian calendar, most of us have already celebrated New Year, that date being January 1. But there is a huge population in the world that isn't done yet with its celebration. In fact, there will be an upcoming 15-day party full of reunions and gathering surrounding these dates. It starts on the first day of the new moon and ends in the full moon on the 15th day. This traditional celebration is the Chinese New Year.

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The Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is the most celebrated and spectacular amongst Chinese Holidays. It is based on the lunisolar calendar where both moon phases and the solar year's time are indicated. The lunar cycle is usually 29 and half days. China having the biggest population in the world, do not just celebrate this holiday by itself. Even its neighboring countries where its cultures have influenced them celebrate it. These are Korea, Japan, Tibet, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Bhutan. While countries where most Chinese reside also are recognizing the Chinese New Year. These are Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. But countries like United States, Australia and Canada do not really consider this event as a legal Holiday they still acknowledge it through their China towns and Postal Stamps.
During the Chinese New Year, there are a lot of traditions and practices being reflected, that even non-Chinese are enjoying. One will see the lavish and colorful display of decorations to symbolize good luck and wealth for business and prosperity for homes. Food and Cuisines made especially for this occasion gives addition to this good luck and harmony. The festival also shows the dragon dance and firecrackers, which are not only feast for the eyes but to also for their wealth and luck. And of course, the literal symbol for wealth, are actual money on red envelopes from elders to the young.
As fun as enjoyable to watch and observe the New Year that everyone celebrates, as spectacular as the fireworks and parties held during New Year's eve, there remains another tradition in some parts of the world, where one can see everything colored in red, orange, and gold, and believes on driving good forces for luck.


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