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Latihan Bahasa Indonesia UN SMK Teknik Pack 3

An Indonesia tropical getaway can be an amazing vacation, but why do so many people choose Bali or Lombok for this purpose? The lush tropical landscape, complete with semi active volcanoes which smolder, thick green forests, and exotic natural plant and animal varieties which are fascinating. The islands are surrounded by warm water which is crystal clear, with volcanic beaches and some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. The warm climate make Bali and Lombok both a sun and sea paradise, perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, laying on the beach relaxing. The tropical forests and diverse wildlife on land make both Bali and Lombok a nature lover's haven as well. Tours through the thick forest and a hike up one of the semi dormant volcanoes can be a fantastic way to spend part of your Indonesia tropical getaway vacation.

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Bali is the more populated, with Lombok being less developed and still in a more natural state, but both are world renowned destinations for an Indonesia tropical getaway. Bali offers many different resorts and hotels for visitors, with various price ranges as well, ranging from inexpensive and economical lodgings to five star all inclusive beach resorts that offer top luxury and spa services to the guests for one price. Private villas on both Bali and Lombok will allow you to enjoy a secluded stay with beach access and amenities that may include private pools, Jacuzzis, and much more. No matter what your budget is for your next tropical vacation, any place in Indonesia is sure to have plenty to offer you, and this is especially true of Bali and Lombok both. The friendly treatment and outstanding service are other reasons that Bali and Lombok are an excellent choice for an Indonesia tropical getaway. You can be pampered and treated to the ultimate in luxury, in a setting which is almost unbelievably beautiful. Tropical sunsets, vividly colored marine fish, exotic flowers and plants, a moderate temperature, and some of the best marine life and underwater scenery found in the world. No matter what you enjoy doing, you will enjoy it a lot more in these exquisite and spectacular surroundings. There is no better place to take your Indonesia tropical getaway.


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