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Latihan Soal Bahasa Indonesia UN 2011 Pack 4 - IPA

Indonesia is the wonderful archipelago country wonderful with fertile soil and lots of beautiful places like Bali Island. Everyone dreams to visit in Indonesia. What about studying in Indonesia? Dharmasiswa is a scholarship program offered to foreign students who have diplomatic relations with Indonesia to study Indonesian language, music arts and crafts as well as other studies in universities in Indonesia.

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Dharmasiswa program is started in 1974. Until 1975, only students from ASEAN are to join the program. But since 1976, students from Hungary, Norway, Mexico, Sweden, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Gambia, Senegal and the United States could retrace this program. The program is also designed as a reciprocal program to other countries that offer scholarship programs for Indonesia and to strengthen cultural relations among nations. Each year, the program Participants targeted Dharmasiswa continues to increase.
There are 5 schemes Indonesia Dharmasiswa scholarship Program:
Dharmasiswa - Regular
This Dharmasiswa Program is a one-year scholarship program for foreign students to study Indonesia language, traditional music, traditional dance and Indonesian crafts.
Dharmasiswa - Short term
Dharmasiswa Short Term Programme consists of two schemes: 6 (six) months of regular courses for foreign students to study Indonesian and Dharmasiswa Short Term for Preparation Program to enhance the ability of Indonesian language in order to enter education in Indonesia.
Dharmasiswa - Plus
Darmasiswa plus Program Offered to Indonesian language, traditional music, traditional dance and crafts in Indonesian Higher Education. Participants are required to teach a foreign Language 10 hours / week in Junior High School, Secondary Schools, Vocational School (SMK) or Institute of Higher Education of Indonesia Nowhere the relevant learning.
Dharmasiswa - Plus studies
Dharmasiswa plus Program Offered to foreign students to take 4 (four) credits in other study instead of language, arts with to get double degree.
Dharmasiswa - Double degree
Dharmasiswa Program Offered to foreign students from to study language as part of degree programs 1 (one) - 1.5 years until the master program for 2 (two) years.


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