Saturday, February 12, 2011

Latihan Soal Bahasa Indonesia UN 2011 Pack 4 - IPS

Sell-a-mutt buggy! What the hell am I saying, you ask? This seemingly alien-like greeting is basically a good morning in Bahasa or Indonesian. It's funny if you think about it how the language that you're speaking - as English if you get to read from the second phrase to this - comes naturally as if we're born with it.
It is not called mother tongue, for anything. But the great thing about learning another language is simply like any other skill, it can be learned!

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So you want to learn a quick and easy way to learn Indonesian?
Here's a basic factual run through for it. Bahasa Indonesia is the country's official language. However, it is commonly referred to simply as Indonesian. Well, there are about five hundred or so more of these languages and dialects throughout Indonesia. Fun fact for it is that topping the list, is the foreign adopted language, English. What's interesting about Indonesian is that it is scribed in Roman letters; however, its roots are basically coming from Sanskrit, pointing to the country's Hindu-Buddhist history.
There are those who have learned the language because there was a need for it. But, regardless if you are among them, you'll know it gets to be learned faster if apt interest is there.
So here are some tips for tim-pulp tea-young, meaning you, my friend.
Firstly, you set a goal. This means that the more earnest you are with getting those study times for Indonesian learning, the quicker it is to reach that goal.
Secondly, jot it down. Remember, your brain can only store as much, so let the notebook do it for you. Find time also to review on them.
Thirdly, you can do it the Pimsleur way. Here's the basic concept of it. Languages are acquired by people through listening. The more you get to be exposed to constantly listening to it, the faster the brain gets to recognize it.
Lastly, practice, practice, practice! You can partner up with a friend who's an Indonesian, knows of it, or someone who is practicing as you. You'll find it fun as well when you do this, because it would be like getting that scene in right in front of a camera, only that there are bound to be a number of bloopers and retakes.
And at the end of the day, you'll pretty much get it when I say sell a mutt tea door. Happy learning!


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This blog give you good tips about speed learning languages can be challenging and fun. With dedication and persistence you can absolutely make it happen. Another tip in learning a new language is being able to allot a time for learning the language you desire. If you wanted to do this early morning you can do so and you can do the math on your set schedule. Consistency is a big thing when creating a schedule for you to be able to learn a new language.

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