Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soal Bahasa Indonesia Simak UI 2010

Indonesia University Entrance Selection Test held simultaneously on Sunday (11/04/2010) is produced by 50 local committees in 159 schools in Indonesia, Embassy of Malaysia, and China with the number of participants reached 60,650 participants. The two participants with visual impairments to take the test center at UI Campus, Depok.

"Once again, the UI does not open a special lane, except through AEOS, Listen, and stay abreast of SNMPTN, this form and hope the UI to remain open accessibility and quality of education for the community," said Rector of UI when reviewing the exam Enter Selection, University of Indonesia (UI Consider ) in SMAN 68 Jakarta, Sunday (11/04/2010).

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Download Questions of Bahasa Indonesia for Simak UI

Download Questions Package 1, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 2, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 3, Download Solutions

Head of Communications Office UI to Vishnu Juwono in Jakarta on Friday (09/04/2010), said, the participants Check out the UI this year reached 60,650 students from vocational courses, undergraduate regular, parallel undergraduate, graduate international class, S-2, and S-3.

Materials matter for vocational and undergraduate programs, said Vishnu, among other basic skills, science, and IP. The material about to graduate programs and professional programs is a test of academic potential (TPA) and English. Consider invigilator UI 2010 consisted of 181 faculty, 1796 students, and 56 administrative staff members, who assisted the principals and teachers.


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