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Soal Bahasa Indonesia Snmptn 2009

National Selection Committee Entrance State University (SNMPTN) 2009 SNMPTN published results on August 1, 2009 promptly at 0:00 pm.

This announcement can be accessed through the website, website several PTN who has worked with the Committee SNMPTN, and print out attached to the PTN respectively. In addition, there are also possibilities contained in local or national media that has worked with the Local Committee SNMPTN.

Thus it is submitted SNMPTN 2009 Committee Chairman Prof. Dr. H. Harish Supratno during a press conference at Hotel The Acacia Jakarta, Thursday (30 / 7).

According to him, participants SNMPTN 2009 increased 9.04 percent compared to last year. Total number of participants SNMPTN this year reached 359,751 people, but received only 92,511 people with the details of as many as 44,504 people to science and social studies as many as 48,007 people.

SNMPTN 2009 Recipient of the highest value for the IPA joined the Faculty of Medicine, UI and to the IPS entry to the Faculty of Psychology UI.

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Download Questions of Bahasa Indonesia for SNMPTN

Download Questions Package 1, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 2, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 3, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 4, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 5, Download Solutions
Download Questions Package 6, Download Solutions

Meanwhile, Coordinating IT SNMPTN 2009 Prof Ir Priyo Suprobo, MS, PhD, who also attended the press conference, adding SNMPTN valuation method is different from previous times, using methods presentil.

With this method, participants must have enough value in each eye exam to obtain a good average value. "We want all prospective students have an equal ability in every eye exam, not only superior for certain eye exams," he said.

The method has been disosialisaikan presentil to the public since the late 2008 through the mass media. This method is believed to increase the opportunity for participants to lecture on his chosen course of study. "When there are participants who do not pass SNMPTN, not because he was stupid, but could be due to insufficient rataannya value while all the high-choice," he concluded.


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