Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soal Bahasa Indonesia UN SD 2009

The first day, Tuesday (12 / 5), the implementation of Indonesian UASBN in SD Islam Al-Azhar University, Jakarta, went smoothly. Even some students are able to do the problems as much as 50 question more quickly than the time given. "Ordinary aja. 30 minutes is complete, check again 30 minutes," said Amalia, 11, one pupil.

Given two hours long felt for her. Students native Jakarta, said the problems of Education is much more easily than a matter of try out a given school. Amalia says the overall concept about a given party and the diujiankan same school. But when do try out, most of the answers about the school more 'trap' let students more thoroughly. "The issue of school more difficult. Lattice-kisinya same school but from many trap. This time (exam UASBN) did not," said the couple's daughter Aisha Ali Jufri and this Mulachela.

No wonder the students who wanted to be a heart doctor is sure if he graduated to these subjects. Even exceed the target of 4.0 provided the school. Amalia easily solve problems faster because these subjects are 'special' for her. Students who wish to continue their education in junior high acceleration is not simply to follow these subjects at school like hundreds of other friends, but he believed the race several times Indonesian.

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Achievements also briefly held. Call it as the second winner Indonesian competition Seal-Azhar primary schools in Indonesia in 2007. Meanwhile, for the same event in 2008, he ranked first.

Asked about his preparation for exams this time, Amalia admitted only rely on the try out a given school and learn self-taught who was accompanied by her sister. He is not interested in taking Bimbel. "Try it out as much as good times. That's a lot of help. The more try out his more help," he said.


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